Making a Statement

I recently was featured in EASTside Austin Homes Issue where I discussed my thoughts on ‘making a statement’. People seek me out looking for a unique design, something creative above industry standards, something that creates a true wow factor. Often, their vision comes from an image found on social media or a recently viewed project of mine. Social media has significantly influenced interior design. There are endless images to inspire. The question becomes…’How can this be incorporated into my home? Will it be over the top or too much?’ Usually this ends up requiring the client to step outside of their comfort zone and shy away from their ‘normal’. I have noticed a clients biggest struggle is when to say yes to edgy and different... something a little crazy.

Color is an essential aspect of interior design but as I mentioned in the article, less can be more. Too many colors and patterns can seem overwhelming and cluttered to those struggling with an overall vision. This is usually the reason they seek my expertise. I suggest starting with a focal point and designing from there. During a consultation, and usually in 5 minutes or often less, I know exactly what color their room in question should be painted. Or what color/material the countertop and backsplash should be… or what color cabinetry and floor tile should be. Designing a story board comes next and this is the part of my job I love! I layout a mix of textures, finishes, patterns, and colors and then carefully work to incorporate them in the home staying true to the focal point. (see my featured story board below!) 

EastSide Mag

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with some color or unique textiles, spring and summer are awesome times to visit showrooms and look for new products. Vibrant colors fill the showrooms and colors tend to be hot and sultry or pastel and soft. My advice – have fun and take some chances but make sure the space always feels like you.

1. Rotunda Calacatta Gold | 2. Custom Yellow Glazed Porcelain Tile | 3. Edge Glass Chevron Mosaic | 4. Gothan Field Tile | 5. Hexagon Cement Tile | 6. Geometrica | 7. Arrowhead Glass Mosaic | 8. 2” Black Gloss Hexagon | 9. Elmwood Cabinetry | 10. Elmwood Cabinetry | 11. Axor Faucet | 12. Penny Round Mosaic | 13. 4X4 Field Tile | 14. Decora Cabinetry | 15. Elmwood Cabinetry | 16. Axor Faucet